iDOL is a stablecoin backed by ETH derivatives.
Fully Decentralized.
No Over-Collateralization.
Why choose iDOL

Financial engeneering

iDOL is not backed by ETH itself but by ETH derivatives named Solid Bond Tokens.

A Solid Bond Token holder receives ETH at the maturity date, with the amount corresponding to the preconfigured value in dollar.

No over-collateralization is required.

Neutral and secure

Anybody can send/receive iDOL to/from anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

There is no counterparty risk and you don’t have to worry about your fund being frozen.

The protocol is fully decentralized.

Potential problems with
other stablecoins (e.g. Dai, USDC, etc)


The MakerDAO protocol requires over-collaterallization and a governance mechanism in order to create its stablecoin.

The deprice stability is partially dependent on people’s expectation that the governance model works properly.


USDC has the ability to freeze an account.

This means that your account may be unexpectedly frozen depending on the services you use.

How to create/get iDOL
More info coming soon!

1. Create by Yourself

2. Sell ETH at our dex platform

Where to use iDOL
More info coming soon!

1. Dex

2. Auction

More about iDOL
More info coming soon!

- iDOL specification

- Token info

- How it works

DEX/Auction Docs