Immortal Options
An Immortal Option is an Ethereum-based option that you can customize in the Lien protocol.
No margin call.
No liquidation.
More info coming soon!

More info coming soon!

Why choose Immortal Options?

No liquitation

All you have to care about is the price at the maturity date.

Your position will never be liquidated until the maturity date.

No margin call

There is no margin call as the protocol doesn’t involve liquidation.

You will not lose more than what you have paid when you established the position.

What is a Call Option?

A call option is the right to buy an asset at a pre-determined strike price on the maturity date.

You will make a profit when the price of the asset is higher than strike price upon matuity. If the asset price is lower than the strike price, there is no profit but your loss will be limited to what you paid when you created the contract.

E.g. Maturity : 2020/12/21; Strike Price: $150/ETH; ETH exposure: 10

Case 1: 1ETH = $180 upon maturity (2020/12/21)
You gain 10*(180-150) = $300

Case 2: 1ETH = $140 upon maturity (2020/12/21)
You do not excercise the option and gain $0

At the Money Call Option

An At the Money Call Option (ATM Call Option) is a specific type of a call option whose strike price is identical to the current market price of the underlying asset.

You are betting on the underlying asset price being higher than the current price upon maturity.

Capped Leveraged Token

A Capped Leveraged Token allows for creating a 2x leveraged position with a specific cap to your gain.

This option is ideal for those who believe the price will go up to a reasonably high level.

Price Guessing Option

A Price Guessing Option gives you the ability to bet on a change in price within a small range. With the current price included within the price range, you are effectively shorting the price volatility.

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