A self-regulating protocol
for creating unique
derivative contracts
What is Lien?

Lien is a simple and elegant protocol that allows anyone to create a unique derivative contract.

Depending on your prediction of the ETH price in the future, the protocol provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of its price development more effectively than just hodling ETH itself.


iDOL is a stablecoin backed by ethereum derivatives.


Fully decentralized. No over-collateralization.

Immortal Options

An Immortal Options is a customizable call option built on Ethereum.

Long ETH without liquitation and margin calls.

Customize your Immortal Options
ATM Call Option

I'm sure ETH will moon šŸŒ•

Capped Leveraged Token

ETH might not moon but
is going higher šŸš€

Price Guessing Option

The price will end up
within a certain range šŸ¤”

... and create your favorite options!

Iā€™m very smart! šŸ¤“

Get iDOL. Create Immortal Options.


Lien FairSwap: Uniswap-like DEX
without front-running.

More info coming soon!


Solid Bond Token

Liquid Bond Token

Our Team

We are not a team;

rather, we are a protocol.

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